About me

Raul Molnar

I'm Raul Molnar, a freelance senior PHP developer in the Timișoara (Banat region), Romania.

Growing up in a small mining city in the Transylvanian Alps was awesome but, as life develops, so one's toys do and, as such, my two-decade-long toy has been my computer and my main hobby and living for the past decade has been PHP programming.

As a child, I learnt how to build castles from sand and find joy in building such ephemeral projects.

As a programmer, I've learned how to build from scratch large to medium-sized projects that I am really, truly proud of. Of course, I might have had some help along the way, be it graphical design or translations, but I digress.

This blog is a side-project of mine, my attempt to give back to the overall programming community some of the stuff it might need, but does not currently have. Of course, as with any project in its initial stages, the most interresting stuff is yet to come.

Anyway, do you have a need in PHP, JS, MySQL? You name it, I master it, no framework needed. Of course, should you have some interesting project that may require my attention, please feel free to drop me a line or two at my e-mail address raul@webstorm.ro

Thanks for stopping by!


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